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Emling Canvas Products has a stage that will meet your needs!

About Us

In 1984, it came to our attention that there was a need for a portable  outdoor stage that was fast and easy to set up.  It took a year to design and build Number 1. 

In July of 1985 we did  our first stage rental.  26 years later we have rented stages in 7 states.  Built 13 stages and  sold 3.  We now have 10 stages that we rent out.

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We are located in Irwin, Illinois.  70 miles south of Chicago.  Keep in  mind when thinking about renting,  the more travel  time it takes to get it to you the more the rent will be.

 A five hour drive is about the limit for a cost effective rental.


Call JoCarol at 815- 935-1441 to reserve your stage!